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Going Local for Blogmanay


December 28, 2012 by Jools Stone

Hogmanay Edinburgh

Image: Lloyd Smith

Sometimes the best ideas spring from a clever bit of wordplay. A case in point being Blogmanay – such a good brand name they just had to run with the pun!

It’s an exciting new project gathering up some of the planet’s finest travel bloggers, from near and afar, (plus little old me) to sample Hogmanay and the best of what Edinburgh and Scotland has to offer as a winter break destination.

The foolhardy foot soldiers will be parachuted in on the 29th to do grim battle with the ever-unpredictable elements. Their marching orders are to descend on the torchlit procession up Calton Hill on the 30th before being pitched into the whirlygig that is Hogmanay itself for the street party, concert in Princes St Gardens, keilidh and other assorted merry making.

On New Year’s Day itself they can choose between a raft of events, such as Your Lucky Day, a ‘roll of the dice’ cultural extravaganza starting at the National Museum, the Loony Dook – a skinny dip from a high bridge, only for the truly deranged –  and even my personal choice – Dogmanay!  No, I haven’t made that up – it’s an annual dog show event held in Holyrood Park.

(Whatever next? Flogmanay, the official car boot sale at which you attempt to pawn off your rubbish xmas presents? Progmanay where the likes of Yes and Emerson Lake and Palmer take over the Concert in the Gardens? Logmanay – a celebration of our finest timber products, Grogmanay, where you stand in the midst of a gale force 8 hurricane and drink yourself into slow, steady annihilation… oh no wait, that’s just the same as Hogmanay isn’t it?)

After all that excitement backpacker tour operator Haggis Tours will take us on a busman’s holiday up to Loch Ness, Glencoe and Skye for a 3 day trip to see what natural splendour lies beyond the brights of the not-so-big capital city.

Despite having lived here for 11 years, I haven’t actually done the street party for many years so it should be interesting to see how it’s changed and how I get on with it all.

Finally, for an alternative take on Hogmanay – or more specifically the false dawn of New Year’s resolutions and the type of reflections this time of year tends to bring maudlin types like yours truly, here’s Ayrshire’s very own Trashcan Sinatras, with their anti-Hogmanay hymn January’s Little Joke. The Trashcans love a bit of wordplay themselves, I wonder what they would make of Blogmanay?

Anyway, this song is more than a little bit sacrilegious in knocking some of these time honoured traditions, such as the joining of hands for Auld Lang Syne, especially since they’re from deep within Burns Country themselves, but they’ve never been ones to get into the festive spirit of things and, well, have you’ve been to Kilmarnock?

‘Now we raise toast to celebrate, as December’s embers fade. But every fire’s just a hoax for January’s little joke…’

‘One turns into one too many..say when!’  Ahh, now that’s more like it… 😉

You can follow our antics through the #Blogmanay hashtag on twitter.



  1. Enjoy the tour to the Highlands (the best bit, of course). Don’t let the tour people rush you through all there is to see!

    • joolsstone says:

      Cheers Simon, well I think it will be something of a whistlestop tour but never been to Skye so looking forward to it!

  2. Kirsten says:

    Darnit I can’t wait for this!!! Glad you’re part of the deal, Jools.

  3. Mogmanay, where everyone brings along their slightly mangy cats.

    Cogmanay, where everyone is just a small part of the bigger machinery.

    Or there’s that one where people eat loads of pork produce – Hogmanay. Er, hang on…

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