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From Edinburgh to India: Where Can I Travel On Rail Holidays?


May 13, 2013 by Jools Stone

Shimla Toy Train

Shimla Toy Train, India

This post was written and provided by Great Rail.

When it comes to rail travel the world is your oyster, whether you just want a short break or to expand your horizons touring Europe and beyond.

The planning

Many people plan their holidays the year before they travel, which can benefit them in more ways than one. When deciding on a destination, the traveller does not have to take into account how much they will be spending on fuel or worry about traffic jams – they can just try one of the Great Rail holidays that are available and leave all their worries behind.

India and Asia

The mysteries of the Raj and modern day India are open to all on this type of holiday. Read MM Kaye’s The Far Pavilions and you’ll be overwhelmed by a desire to visit some of the Indian cities and regions mentioned in this book. Alternatively, you may wish to emulate some of the travellers of the past and take a trip on The Orient Express. There is an element of romanticism in the idea of taking a long train holiday, and if you have the time to read a little about your destinations before your trip your rail holiday will be even more rewarding.


Following the birth of the Eurostar, journeys between the UK and Europe have become much easier. Some train journeys offer a combination of air travel and rail trips, but if you are an aficionado of Tuscan art and culture then all that you’ll have to do is board a train at St Pancras, allowing your Tour Manager to take you off to Florence and the marvels of the Medici.

Anyone who has seen Where Angels Fear to Tread will recognise the descriptions of San Gimignano and might like to take a cookery course in the town, courtesy of their tour operator.

Where else?

As the world has opened up and travel has become even easier and more luxurious, choice of destinations has also increased. The problems that used to abound in travelling in Soviet Russia have diminished, paving the way for an increasing number of travellers to journey across the vast wastes of the Siberian tundra. From Berlin to Vladivostok, the whole of Eastern Europe is open from the window of your train.

For those who wish to explore closer to home, most of the UK is also accessible via rail. Why not start off in Edinburgh and take a trip to the distilleries, lochs and glens of Scotland?



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