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Introducing Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul


March 29, 2017 by Jools Stone

train sim world csx heavy haul

Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul

We know that you love travelling by train and we’re guessing that many of you take your passion further, maybe indulging in a spot of trainspotting or filming. Perhaps some of you have dreams of taking the reins yourself, treating yourself to a day on the footplate of a steam train and getting behind the controls of a powerful engine?

How many of you would fancy trying your hand at driving a freight train through the rugged, vast and diverse terrain of the great American landscape?

That dream may be a little harder to realise if you’re on distant shores of course, but now you can experience the next best thing, thanks to the arrival of an exciting, new train simulator game called Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul.

Created by Dovetail Games, the leading developers behind popular simulator games such as Train Simulator 2017, Flight School and Euro Fishing (a lake fishing simulator game) Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul promises to be ‘the most technologically advanced first person train simulation experience on the market.’ The game came out for Windows PC on Thursday March 16.

Watch the trailer:

Train Sim World pitches players in the stunningly scenic Sand Patch Grade route, stretching 60 miles across the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania and Maryland in the USA.

Featuring fully customisable weather systems, and built using real-world data to accurately replicate the performance, sounds and feel of real trains, Train Sim World promises to offer more immersion and authenticity than has ever been seen before in a train simulation.  Players will truly feel the detail as they walk around exploring the world and interacting with the trains in first person mode.

What’s New?

Dovetail have a strong track record with previous train sim games of course, but Train Sim World offers an entirely new perspective for players. While other games in the series, such as Train Simulator, offer more of a model railway or hobby experience, Train Sim World visualises you, the player, as a virtual character who can interact fully with the world.

Many players of Train Simulator have cultivated extensive personal collections of add-on content over the years and will doubtless continue to build on this and play the game, while also enjoying the new first-person style of play in Train Sim World.

Six Train Scenarios to Try

With six challenging scenarios, players will be able to take part in operations from the real world such as coal loading, switching, refuelling and turning locos on a turntable.  There will also be the introduction of a brand new ‘service mode’, which features the recreation of an entire 24-hour timetable, and allows players to take control of any one of the trains in this timetable – manifest, local and short hop freight services – and activities include giving them the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a real engineer.

New to Train Sims?

Train Sim World is a highly authentic simulation, so some prior knowledge of trains and train simulators will probably help, but the game has been designed as an accessible and fun experience for complete beginners too, thanks to seven guided tutorials that help you find your feet, covering everything from getting started with the software to operating the locomotives.

A handy user interface displays prompts and highlight key controls such as power, reverser, automatic brakes and horn to get players up and running quickly and easily.

More confident users can make the most of fully functioning in-cab controls without prompts, UI or highlights for added authenticity.  These even include things like digital displays, braking systems and slow speed controls for coal loading.

Choose your Loco

Featuring three distinct types of locomotive, Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul allows complete interactivity in the cab, so you can gain a thorough understanding of how the train works and how it feels to be sitting in the driver’s seat with the controls in your hands, bringing some of the world’s biggest and most powerful locos roaring to life.

About the Train Sim World Itself

Train Sim World Screen1

So what else can you expect from the ‘world’ created in the game? This encompasses everything to do with trains, including the vehicles, the railways and the activities.  Over time the scope of Train Sim World will gradually expand to incorporate more content from all these areas.

Creating the most immersive and interactive train simulator possible means carefully building it, one layer at a time.  TSW starts with one specific American freight experience which aims to faithfully replicate the whole sensory experience, from the performance and sounds of the locos, to the nature of the terrain and the conditions.

In the future Dovetail will work on creating passenger experiences too, adding signaling systems and a range of train types and various new modes of play.

Multiplayer Plans to Come

Train Sim World Screen 4

Multiplayer is going to be a vital part of the Train Sim World experience, so it will certainly feature in the game’s development. It will be added to Train Sim World in the months after the launch of CSX Heavy Haul, adding a new layer to experience for in this and all future iterations of the game.

If you’ve ever fancied trying your hand at controlling a mighty loco in realistic conditions, then this is the game for you. I’m something of a lapsed console gamer myself, but confess I’ve never played a train simulator game. It will be interesting to see how I get on. I look forward to putting it through its paces soon!

Speaking about the imminent launch of Train Sim World, Rob O’Farrell, SVP Development at Dovetail Games said:

“We have ten years of experience and expertise in building and growing living, breathing train simulations. Our aim in the development of Train Sim World is to build on this great foundation and take Train Simulator to the next level. Starting with CSX Heavy Haul, Train Sim World will deliver an unprecedented level of quality and realism in every aspect of the game.  We will also continue to develop and grow this experience over time, adding new features and content that enables us to go on this incredible journey together with our community.”

Train Sim World: CSX Heavy Haul is available to buy on Steam now at a price of £24.99.

For further info, please check out the website for Train Sim World.

You can also follow the hashtag #feelthedetail on twitter to see the buzz the game is generating around its launch.

About Dovetail Games

Dovetail Games was launched in 2013. Previously trading as Ltd, the business launched in 2009 initially producing and marketing PC game Train Simulator. Today Dovetail Games is responsible for train, flight and fishing simulation games and is developing for PC and leading consoles.

About SimuGraph

Developed by Dovetail Games, SimuGraph Vehicle Dynamics Engine is a powerful visual modeling and simulation framework for the construction and real-time simulation of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic systems in the context of vehicle dynamics.

About Unreal Engine

Developed by Epic Games, the award-winning Unreal Engine is known for world-class graphics, tools and scalability across PC, console and mobile platforms. Unreal Engine technology is designed to accelerate developers’ productivity for creating high quality games, applications, training simulations, visualizations, digital films and animated entertainment. To access UE4, visit and follow @UnrealEngine.


This post was kindly sponsored by Dovetail Games. Look out for further posts about the game and its key updates here and on our companion site Railway Stays.



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